"You come into the world with nothing, and the purpose of life is to make something out of nothing" -Henry Louis Mencken

Candy-Cane Wreath

I wanted to make a wreath for next year and take advantage of the Christmas craft sales so I made a candy cane wreath!

Cute right? So here’s how you make it!


Foam Wreath

straight pins

1 yd red canvas material

1 yd white canvas material

1/2 yd muslin

black bow


Cut muslin into strips and wrap around the foam wreath- I used a hot glue gun to make it stay.  Then cut fabric into 4×4 squares. Take each square and fold it in half 3 times- diagnally and pin it to the wreathAlternate color rows until the wreath is full. When you’re finished, tie a bow on it and it should look like this…I got the original idea for this wreath from a website I found- thanks to pinterest- http://whipperberry.com/2011/11/the-candy-cane-wreath.html … so if you want more detailed instructions I would go there- I definitely suggest increasing the fabric amounts like I did- I bought extra as a buffer and almost ran out! Happy crafting! 🙂


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