"You come into the world with nothing, and the purpose of life is to make something out of nothing" -Henry Louis Mencken

Being a college student, money is often tight- or non existant thanks to those lovely college loans.  This year, I still wanted to give gifts to my family because I like to show them how much I love them! So I chose the road less traveled and made my gifts this year- starting with Mom


White Shadow box (11×15 I think is what I used)

2 sheets of 12×12 scrapbook paper

Stickers- “family” “we are blessed” and “loving life” are the stickers I chose

Fake Flower

Ribbon and bling



3 (or as many as you want) pictures

and mine has little bird ornaments- I thought it was a nice touch

DIRECTIONS: I think its pretty explanitory, I didn’t glue anything except the photo pages, and everything else is strategically pinned in… and I think it turned out pretty well!

The Next gift I made was for Grandma Beebee because she’s been so especially generous and helpful with my college years needs 🙂


wooden plaque

chalkboard paint

chalk- or chalkboard markers


wallet-sized pictures

DIRECTIONS: paint plaque with the chalkboard paint and let it dry. I suggest atleast three coats! once dry, hot glue- or superglue- clothespins to desired location. Use the chalk/markers to write a message- I chose “Grandkids make life grand” and when finally done I wrote each grandchild’s name on the clothespins and put a wallet of each where it belonged.


Comments on: "Home-made Presents Are The Best!" (2)

  1. Awwww–homemade is definitely the best, especially when you are the recipient–thanks so much for the Grandkids photo plaque–I love it–and Mom’s shadow box is lovely–LYL

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